Friday, April 10, 2009

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Oracle Tuning Tips
What's New in Oracle Performance? (10g)

AWR - Automatic Workload Repository

Learn to use the new feature that collects database performance statistics and metrics for analysis and tuning, shows the exact time spent in the database, and even saves session information When you have a database performance problem, what is the first thing you do to address it? One common approach is to see if a pattern exists: Answering questions such as "Is the same problem recurrent?", "Does it occur during a specific time period?", and "Is there a link between two problems?" will almost always lead to a better diagnosis.

As a DBA you probably have invested in a third-party or homegrown tool to collect elaborate statistics during database operation and derive performance metrics from them. In a crisis, you access those metrics for comparisons to the present. Replaying these past events can shed light on current problems, so continuously capturing relevant statistics becomes important for performance analysis. For some time, Oracle's solution in this area has been its built-in tool, Statspack. While it can prove invaluable in certain cases, it often lacks the robustness required by performance troubleshooting exercises. Oracle Database 10g offers a significant improvement: the Automatic Workload Repository (AWR). The AWR installs along with the database and captures not only statistics, but the derived metrics as well.

Database General - Oracle Performance Tuning – Part 1

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