Thursday, June 9, 2011

Creating Database with ASM File System

I am creating database using DBCA, and specify Automatic Storage Management as FileSystem.
Welcome screen of DBCA (Database Configuration Assistant)

Step one of DBCA, Here we will select the Create a Database option.

Step three, My database name and sid is "RAKESH"

Step 6 of 13

After pressing the next button, window will prompt for sys ASM password

In next step, It will ask for the diskgroup that to be used for the Storage, As I have created only one diskgroup DATA, I will select it only.

In next step I specified the files should be OMF Files

Step 9 of 13: Flash Recovery Area,

After the successful installation of Oracle Database with ASM File system, I log in at Enterprise Manager to verify datafiles storage. On the main page of Oracle EM, I got new link for ASM instance, check below image.

After clicking on the +ASM_standby link, I was directed to a below ASM page in EM. .

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Data Files in ASM

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